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Roger has performed with Canterbury Choral Society, Oklahoma City Metro Men's Chorus,, and was a founding member of PlainSong Men's Chorus. He's enjoyed playing woodwinds, both modern and early, western and Asian, since junior high school and carried an oboe minor in college. Recently, he's taken up the study of lute, as time permits, just because. He has served as organist and choir director at churches in Oklahoma, Hawaii, California, Missouri, Idaho and Florida, and now appears to have settled immovably in Oklahoma since 2001. Roger has a weakness for rescued Rottweilers, British cars, tropical plants, and exploring cooking styles from around the world.

He holds degrees from San Francisco Conservatory of Music, the University of Missouri at Kansas City, and Oklahoma State University. He is an architect at LWPB Architecture, and is the organist and precentor at St. James' Episcopal Church, both in Oklahoma City.