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Brett Hileman

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Brett grew up with choral music as a big part of his life because his father, Eric, was in music school at OCU and later, a church choir director. Brett joined his father’s church choir at age 13 to become a better musician and at age 16, discovered he could sing countertenor. Brett then joined the chamber choir Musica Sacra, which his father was a member of, and for which Brett was an alto for 8 years. Being a member of Musica Sacra, Brett found his true love for sacred music. Within 8 years of learning and voice training in that chamber choir, Brett was able to have a one-on-one vocal lesson with Geoffrey Williams, who is in the men’s quartet New York Polyphony, based in New York City. During his lesson with Geoffrey Williams, Brett was really taught how to use his countertenor voice. 

Brett sings alto with Bella Voce, in addition to singing tenor with his home church choir at Church of the Resurrection in OKC, where his father is still the director. He also sings alto at Evensong services for St. Paul’s Cathedral in downtown Oklahoma City.